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Visiting Fazbear’s – PS1 free download comes with some new changes. We make this game content so you can know better about the Fan games page.

Visiting Fazbear's - PS1 styled game Free Download
Visiting Fazbear’s – PS1 styled game

About Visiting Fazbear’s – PS1

Visiting Fazbear’s – PS1 styled game free download has been completed. You can have this game along with some new changes. But as long as you keep yourself online and follow our page. We will help you to have the best battle for living ever. Kill monsters and live past midnight.

The new features:

  • This game will soon have Portuguese in its language. This means you can enjoy the game in your way and know the monsters’ conversation.
  • The game has some checkpoints where you can save your game. But you need to complete some missions before entering save mode. When you die, you will be spawned again at the last Fangame checkpoint.
  • The night vision of this has been updated, and players can see in the dark more clearly. This is necessary because you will have to fight in the dark all the time.

Visiting Fazbear’s – PS1 will be the new decade of horror games you need to try. This will be a free demo game for you. Enjoy the night between you and some delay machines!


by: TheDanieru @TheDanieru

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